August 4, 2010

Cheese 101!

Before I post anything, I need to say sorry to all of my followers!  I haven't posted anything for a while as you can see :)

Anyway, I decided to make some soft cheese the other night and thought I'd post some directions on how to do it.

Soft Goat Cheese (EASY to make!)
1.  Pour 1 gallon of milk in a good size pot

 2.  Turn the stove top on High

 3.  Set your thermometer to 180 degrees

 4.  Stir milk (Don't let it burn!)

  5.  While you're waiting for the temp. to reach 180, get out your Apple Cider Vinegar and put some into a 1/2 cup measure (DO NOT POUR IN POT YET!)
 6.  Also get out your Cheese Cloth (also called Plyban)  P.S.  You can also use a flour sack, but the Plyban comes clean easier.

7.  Get a metal or plastic strainer.  I prefer the ones with the little hook thing on the edge (see picture).  It just makes it so the strainer doesn't slip while you are pouring.

8.  Get another pot out (This will be used to strain the whey from the cheese)

 9.  Get your pot that you are going to strain the milk in, ready.

10.  Once your milk reaches 180, turn the burner off right away and stir it in a little bit

11.  Pour Apple Cider Vinegar in the pot of milk!  Stir it in just a tad bit.  P.S.  It's better to take the milk off the burner after pouring the vinegar in!

12.  Set your timer for 10 Minutes and let the pot sit still (NO STURING!)
13.  Pour pot into the other pot with strainer and cheese cloth.  (The 2 pics above the last one are showing what your cheese should look like before straining it)

14 (Optional).  Now, once you've poured the cheese from the pot into the cheese cloth, scrunch up the cloth and run it under cold water for about 50 seconds.  Keep squeezing the cloth after rinsing and make sure it is fully drained.  (Careful, cheese will be HOT!)

15.  And this is what your finished soft cheese should look like!  And you should be DONE!!

I'll try hard to post more often :)


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By the way, yes you are a blogger-cheeser but I like what your logo says :)!!!


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